Speechless and heartbroken, I don't know where to start...

Speechless and heartbroken, I don't know where to start...

I was going to tell you earlier, but things have changed. We arrived to Istanbul on Feb 4th to visit my family in Turkey.

On Feb 6th, two major earthquakes, measuring 7.8 and 7.5 on the magnitude scale, centered in Kahramanmaras province struck south of Türkiye and north of Syria. Followed by more than 1600 aftershocks, the 'disaster of the century' as it's called now killed at least 38.000 people and injured more than 80,052 people, by the time that I'm writing this on the 10th day of the disaster. Thousands of buildings have been destroyed, affecting more than 13 million people living across 10 provinces nearby. 

I have been thinking a lot recently. Even though Confetti Mill is no longer a small solo-business, I can't deny how personal it is to me. I have my own reasons to leave Turkey to settle in Québec and Confetti Mill stays as the bridge in between, born from the simple desire to connect the treasures and beautiful people of my home country with you.



We have had all our publications and newsletter ready for Valentine's Day and all, but things just didn't make sense anymore after the disaster and I had to live this silence to grief. Frustration and anger mostly, as it was the corruption who killed more than the earthquake.

Ever since wondering how we can help, I realized that the best way is by doing what we know how to do. Using our voices to inform, gathering help and most importantly remembering the mistakes done so they won't be repeated.

I have created several ways, each offering different options to help us raise funds together.



By the link below, you can donate where we transfer your donation to the non-profit-organisation AHBAP. I am only trying to simplify the donation process for you as there are many fake links and unreliable organizations going around. 

If you prefer to donate directly, I would still suggest AHBAP organisation as they seem to be the most dedicated and active volunteers on the field. Another trusted and vetted Search and Rescue NGO is AKUT.



I have also gathered a few of our best-seller products woven in Türkiye. 100% of net proceedings from the sale of these products will be transferred to AHBAP, on all orders until March 6th. You can find the details below.

I have also added a Donation option at checkout page. You can simply choose a custom amount while checking out that will be transferred as a donation.

To make a donation, CLICK HERE.

To shop our Türkiye Earthquake Relief Fund collection, CLICK HERE.

Thank you for shopping for a good cause and helping us get through this.

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