Our top 13 products to start fresh this spring

Our top 13 products to start fresh this spring

Spring is upon us (finally)! A breath of fresh air is sweeping across the province, and in no time, we will all be hanging our clothes on the clothesline, biking around the city, doing the classic spring cleaning and opening our windows! To put you in the immaculate vibe of this refreshing season, here are our 13 favorite products to start the spring smoothly!


To add a pop of color in your home

Linen tea towel - Different colors available

No matter how you use it, these tea towels that you can match to your kitchen decor will definitely make you happy!


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Turkish Hand Towel - Waffle - Mustard

In addition to having very pleasant quilted texture, this peshkir will add a bit of sunshine to your kitchen or bathroom!


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Set of 2 Linen Napkins - Dusty Pink

This is an ideal zero waste alternative for fancy dinners that will definitely bring the WOW effect you're looking!


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Linen pillowcases - Different colours available

No matter what makes your heart beat, the 9 colours of OEKO-TEX certified linen pillowcases will definitely ensure you get quality sleep… and sweet dreams!


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For your spring cleaning

Sponge Cloth - Confetti Mill x Ten and Co.

Our 100% compostable sponge cloth created in collaboration with Ten and Co. is A-MA-ZING to scrub the most tenacious stains!


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For family picnics at the park

Set of 3 reusable snack bags

Made from recycled plastic bottles, this zippered set of snack bags is the perfect way to enjoy your fruits, vegetables and crackers without making a mess!


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Linen birthday hats

These linen party hats are absolutely playful and will make your children’s parties a zero waste success!


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Minika Snack Cups

These silicone retractable bowls come with a lid, and your little ones will love its practical and spill-proof design!


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For your Sunday brunches at home

Linen tablecloths - Different colors available

Did you know that we make customized tablecloths? Contact us today to receive your tablecloth just in time for your Easter brunch!

Prices vary

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Rüya Throw

This fluffy and comfy throw will be very practical when you want to have brunch in bed in front of a good movie with your sweetie.


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Linen apron - Terracota

This beautiful apron enhanced by this rich color will protect your favorite pajamas when you prepare your Sunday pancakes!


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Pamuk- muslin kids robe

Here is the perfect loungewear to keep your little ones warm, thanks to its comfortable hood and very soft OEKO-TEX certified cotton fabric.


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To add a touch of spring to your look

Linen scrunchies

Available in 10 colours, these cute scrunchies will definitely make heads turn this spring!


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