Our top 10 favorite kid's products

Our top 10 favorite kid's products

What wouldn’t we do for our children? It’s natural to want the best to ensure the comfort of our family, and it also goes through everyday objects and loungewear! That is why we've gathered for you our favorite items to pamper and accompany your little ones in their daily life.

  • Pamuk - Muslin Kids Robe

Made of muslin and available in 6 colors, this soft and light robe will keep your child warm in winter, and is breathable enough for them to bask in the sun on summer mornings.

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  • Linen Kids Apron

Their simple Japanese-inspired design allows a great freedom of movement, which will be very useful when your mini chefs lend you a hand in preparing dishes.

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  • Minika snack cup

Made entirely of silicone, the Minika bowls are retractable and close with a waterproof lid to prevent you from cleaning up spills all the time!

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  • Rüya baby blanket

The OEKO-TEX certified Turkish cotton of these blankets will wrap your baby in a soft caress! Its waffled and soft texture will ensure comfort and warmth at all times of the day and night.

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  • Kids rug - Love my overalls

Handmade by artisans in Turkey with traditional weaving methods, this rug will certainly bring a touch of color to the bedroom or playroom of your little monsters.

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  • Linen crown

Whether it’s to celebrate your toddler’s birthday or to add an accessory to his playroom, this crown made of linen that we recycled from old productions will be much appreciated by your little ones!

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  • Beeswax birthday candles

Coming in packs of 10, these beeswax candles are perfect to garnish your kid's the party cake, while purifying the air of your home naturally!

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  • Rüya Kids Robe

Made from the same soft and fluffy fabric as the baby blankets, this Rüya robe is made from OEKO-TEX certified Turkish cotton, ensuring unparalleled comfort, especially if your children have sensitive skin!

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  • Set of 4 linen party bags

Thinking of giving your little ones a surprise? A treasure hunt is necessary to entertain children? This linen bags set will be perfect to bring joy to your family’s day.

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  • Linen birthday hat

You’ll love these cute birthday hats! Your celebrations at home will take on a playful and eco-friendly aspect that the whole family will appreciate!

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