Our top 10 fall collection essentials

Our top 10 fall collection essentials

Fall is finally upon us, bringing with it a warm color palette and a cozy atmosphere. To celebrate this season in style, we have compiled a list of our 10 favorite autumn products that are essential to transform your home into a haven of comfort and elegance. Whether you’re looking for plush cushions, stylish kitchen linen items or soft throws, our top 10 will inspire you to create a welcoming and stylish interior.


  • Linen cushion cover

Fall in love with these delightful cushion cover coming in a wide range of colors and embellished by the enclosure with three coconut buttons! They will surely elevate your living room and add a touch of coziness to your bedroom!

69$ - Shop here


  • Rüya throw

This luxurious and fluffy throw will add a soft touch to your fall, thanks to its high quality OEKO-TEX Turkish cotton material. The unmatched level of comfort it brings to your home will for sure become a family's favorite!

97$ - Shop here


  • Cotton bathmat

With this luxurious cotton bathmat, you can transform your bathroom into a spa-like oasis. The moment your feet touch the soft, velvety surface, you'll feel an instant sense of warmth and comfort. It's like treating your feet to a cozy hug after every bath or shower!

64$ - Shop here


  • Adjustable apron

Elevate your autumn culinary adventures with our adjustable apron, available in 3 rich seasonal hues! Crafted from OEKO-TEX certified linen, it's the perfect companion for cooking and baking in style.

120$ - Shop here


  • Waffle Turkish towel - Almond

Indulge in luxury with our rich almond Turkish cotton waffle towel. Its high-quality cotton, cozy texture, and absorbent design make it the perfect choice for a pampering bath time experience.

66$ - Shop here


  • Oven mitt - Anthracite

You will instantly fall head over heel for our high-quality Turkish cotton oven mitts. Their insulating thermal lining is heat-resistant up to 375°F, providing ultimate safety and style with their rich anthracite color, perfect to add a touch of fall to your kitchen.

47$ - Shop here


  • Rüya robe

Our luxurious robes are the ultimate relaxation for the cozy season! Available in sizes from small to x-large, these robes are crafted from 4-ply gauze, ensuring unmatched comfort and warmth. Plus, they feature two hidden and incredibly practical pockets. Choose from a stunning array of 7 colors to pamper yourself during your perfect spa day at home!

145$ - Shop here


  • Linen pillowcase

Our linen pillowcase will definitely upgrade your sleeping experience!. Available in 9 rich colors, its envelope closure ensures your pillow stays in place, while the natural temperature-regulating linen keeps you cool in summer and snug in winter. The best of both worlds!

47$ - Shop here


  • Waffle linen tea towel - Grey

Your daily chores will never feel easier with our grey waffle tea towel! Its texture not only adds style but enhances absorbency, making it perfect for kitchen and cleaning tasks.

30$ - Shop here


  • Rüya double blanket

OMG do we love this item! This cozy, oversized blanket doubles up for ultimate comfort and warmth. On top of that, you can choose from a stunning palette of 10 colors to match your style. Whether you use it as a bed cover or an extra-large blanket, it's your perfect companion for chilly nights!

177$ - Shop here


  • Bahar Turkish towel - Stone

Bahar is a marvelous fall addition to your bathroom! Crafted from a breathable and highly absorbent Turkish cotton, its waffle texture provides incredible comfort. Plus, it's feather-light, making it the ideal addition to your suitcase for a stylish and functional travel experience.

66$ - Shop here


Shop all of our fall collection HERE!

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