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New Collaboration with Geneviève Plante of Vert Couleur Persil

Geneviève Plante contacted me last February to ask if I would be interested in collaborating on her upcoming book. Being a fan of her blog, Vert Couleur Persil, for a few years now (like many other parents I know), I didn't have to give this much thought. To be honest, I was thrilled at the thought of this collaboration!

Working with Geneviève was so easy and fun. When I received the book, I fell in love with her creativity and talent. Her ability to turn accessible ingredients into these magical and perfectly-balanced recipes always amazes me. I was also extremely impressed by the quality of the photos taken by Laura G Diaz. It's such a treat to see how our linens are highlighted in the pages and accompanied by beautiful meals like these!

Geneviève has been running her blog since 2014, and she uses it to share amazing recipes as well as suggestions on pretty, ethical, organic and green products. She even added a travel section recently and it's made me dream about future vacations; bad for productivity, great for relaxation. 

Since the creation of her blog, she's written 4 books and BIENTÔT DANS VOTRE ASSIETTE is Geneviève's 5th book, this one focusing on salad recipes. Inside you'll find 30 colourful salad and 30 savoury dressing recipes that will make you forget that you're eating some of the simplest meals to cook. 

I hope you'll enjoy the book as much as I've enjoyed working with Geneviève. Her recipes are really great to save time and eat well balanced and delicious meals that event the youngest members of the family will enjoy. 

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