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Bika Farm and the beginning of a wonderful collaboration

It was on the premises of Bika Farm that the Turkish-born chef Fisun Ercan and I met, and this event was done in a rather funny and touching way. I was visiting with my son and two friends, and I remember Milo was out of control that day! That’s what broke the ice between Fisun and me, and I can't express my gratitude enough for this encounter.

Fisun was very open and generous, just like the incredible work she does on her farm in Saint-Blaise-sur-Richelieu, and in her cookbook Racines, which we are very pleased to share with you. We immediately forged ties given our similar origins, and I couldn't help but show my admiration for her multiple projects, which I have been following for several years. I've been several times to her restaurant Su in Verdun and Barbunya on Laurier, enjoying every meal with great pleasure! 


Crédit photo: Sylvie Li


Fisun Ercan spent her childhood in Izmir, Turkey, where she learned the art of cooking and natural food processing with her mother and grandmother. The integration of seasonal ingredients has always been at the heart of her practice. It's this respect for the cycles of nature that she perfectly integrates into Racines, where, through life stories and amazing recipes, she shares with us her love for farm-to-table cuisine, her Turkish origins, and the rhythm of Quebec's seasons. 

It goes without saying that it was a real honor for me when Fisun contacted me to provide her with napkins for Bika Farm, as well as aprons to propose at her on-site shop! I was very touched to see that she encouraged me and appreciated my work and my aesthetic. You can also see some of our products showcased in Racines, and I am extremely grateful for this collaboration, which I hold dear to my heart.


Crédit photo: @bika_farm via InstagramCrédit photo: bika_farm via Instagram


I also commend the absolutely astounding work of photographer Sylvie Li, whom I admire for her talent in capturing majestic and appetizing images. I have been following Sylvie Li's work since awhile and whatever project she works on, she just knows how to transfer the message into a visual canvas.   

It's also an immense pleasure (and not a surprise at all!) to see Daniel Raiche as the culinary stylist of Racines. We have collaborated with Daniel several times before and he was among the first people who believed in confetti mill and helped me immensely in the creation of our first photo collection. For this, I'll always be grateful for. : ) 

I'm sure you will enjoy this book as much as I have enjoyed all my interactions with Fisun Ercan. Racines is much more than a cookbook; it is a tribute to farm-to-table cuisine, seasonal ingredients and the marriage of Turkish and Quebec culinary cultures. 

Photo Credits: Sylvie Li & Bika Farm

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