How to get the most out of the cozy season

How to get the most out of the cozy season

When the days get shorter and the cold sets in, it’s time to celebrate fall, the season that calls for comfort and warmth. This time of year is the perfect opportunity to snuggle under cozy blankets, enjoy hot drinks, and create a warm atmosphere at home. To make the most of it, here are some of our favorite ways to fully appreciate this comfy season, from the art of decoration to the discovery of new comforting recipes. Get ready to curl up in the magic of the "cozy season"!

  • Warm up the ambiance of your home

To fully welcome autumn, start by changing the atmosphere of your home by changing your decor a bit. Opt for warm tones, cozy textiles, and elements inspired by nature. Our decorative and tableware products are hypoallergenic, made either of OEKO-TEX certified linen or Turkish cotton, and designed to add a touch of conviviality and comfort to your home. Discover our tablecloths, cushion covers and garlands, as well as our elegant napkins for warm family dinners. Turn your home into a cozy cocoon that captures the spirit of the season!


  • Put a selfcare Sunday ritual to your schedule

Implementing a Sunday selfcare ritual is essential to fully enjoy the season. Turn your day off into an oasis of well-being by starting with a relaxing bath. Our soft and luxurious bath textiles will envelop you in a cocoon of comfort, thanks to their waffled and highly absorbant texture. After the bath, slip into one of our Turkish cotton robes to prolong this feeling of warmth. Sunday will become your ultimate relaxing day thanks to our top quality bath textiles.


  • Add layers of warmth to your bed and couch

To fully enjoy the cozy season, don't forget to add layers of warmth in your bed or on the couch. Our sumptuous throws and blankets made with authentic Turkish cotton are the perfect addition to create a cozy cocoon. Opt for soft textures, warm colors and even reversible models that invite you to snuggle comfortably!  


  • Discover new fall recipes

When the cold days are coming, there is nothing like discovering new fall recipes to brighten up your evenings. To put your new creations into practice, make sure you are equipped with our dishcloths and aprons made in 100% OEKO-TEX certified linen, ensuring quality and safety for the whole family. Their durability makes them perfect companions for your culinary adventures. So put on your apron and let the magic of fall cooking begin! 


  • Meditate and chill to fight November blues

As the days get shorter and the fall blues take hold, meditation and yoga can be powerful antidotes. Create a space of serenity with our selection of Turkish cotton towels. They offer perfect softness and absorption, and can even serve as a yoga mat top for an extra touch of comfort. Practicing these disciplines on a cozy surface adds a soothing dimension to your routine, helping you chase the blues and welcome relaxation into your life.


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