How to choose the perfect Turkish towel for your needs

How to choose the perfect Turkish towel for your needs

As you step into the world of luxurious bath linens, the allure of Turkish towels beckons with their softness, absorbency, and timeless elegance. With an array of options available, we have built this comprehensive guide to unravel the intricacies of choosing among our popular Turkish towels, ensuring your self-care Sundays experiences are nothing short of indulgent!


  • Peshtemals

The peshtemal is one of our most versatile products. Lightweight and aesthetic, you can use it as a shawl, tablecloth, or simply as a towel in the bathroom, spa, or at the beach. An eco-friendly alternative to terry towels as peshtemals are highly absorbent and dry quickly, thus consuming less water and detergent.

$60 - Shop here


  • Waffled bath towels

While being incredibly soft and fluffy, our waffle-textured Turkish towels also retain their shape after each use and even after washing! Their cloud-like texture comes from the fact that each towel is handwoven by local artisans, ensuring you an unmatched comfort experience.

$66 - Shop here


  • Bamboo & cotton towel Antalya

This double-sided towel brings you the best of both worlds: the front side envelops you in the luxurious comfort of cotton, while the back side indulges your senses with the unmatched softness of organic bamboo. Plus, its vibrant colors will surely add a lively touch to your bathroom!

$60 - Shop here


  • Yildiz combed cotton towel

Yildiz is THE towel to pack for your short and long-distance travels. It is our lightest towel, yet its plush feel adds a touch of luxury to your self-care moments, making every bath or shower an indulgent retreat, wherever you are.

$60 - Shop here


  • Linen & coton towels - Defne & Nisan

This blend of natural fabrics is not only eco-friendly and good for the skin, but it's also a sustainable option. The combination of cotton and linen makes the household linens breathable and resistant to deformation. Moreover, their earthy and neutral tones will adapt to any bathroom decor, making them the perfect housewarming or wedding gift!

Defne: $60 - Shop here

Nisan: $60 - Shop here


  • Bergama thick peshtemal

Made from a special cotton weave, its waffle texture brings an unmatched level of softness, making Bergama an exceptional peshtemal that is perfect for all your activities. From the beach to your morning yoga session, Bergama will accompany you throughout your life.

$66 - Shop here


  • Bahar waffled towel

Aesthetic and fluffy, Bahar has coton fibres that are of the greatest quality and this heavenly towel will wrap you in warmth anytime you need to feel comfy after a long bath… and the good news: Bahar’s texture will only improve with time!

$66 - Shop here


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