How to choose the perfect tablecloth size for any receptions

How to choose the perfect tablecloth size for any receptions

Everyone who loves hosting receptions at home knows how pleasant it is to welcome our loved ones in an elegant, refined environment that will make everyone feel at home! In order to do so, dressing your dining room with the finest linens of home is definitely a worthy option!

That’s why, at Confetti Mill, we are very happy to offer custom tablecloths design! Indeed, each of our tablecloths are created according to your needs and we are pleased to tell you everything about the different stages of creating the tablecloth of your dreams that will make all your receptions shine!

  • Contact us

First, contact us so we can start the process of creating your tablecloth.

  • Send us the dimensions

To get an idea of the project, we invite you to measure the length and width of your table and send us the dimensions. That way, we can prepare a quote and inform you of our deadlines.


  • Let’s determine the dimensions of the tablecloth

You can choose the length of your tablecloth, no matter how big your table is! For a clean, conventional table dressing, calculate about 6 to 8 inches more hanging from each sides of your table. If you’re having a more formal reception such as a wedding, it may be wise to choose a 12-18-inch drop for a touch of refinement and elegance.


Here's an equation to help you choosing your tablecloth's measurements:
Table width + (drop length x 2) = tablecloth width
Table length + (drop length x 2) = tablecloth length


For example, if your tabletop measures 36” wide x 60” long and you want a drop of 7”, add 14” (7x2) to the length, and 14” to the width. Thus, the tablecloth should measure 50” wide x 74” long.

  • Choose the perfect color

If you haven’t already, now is the time to choose the perfect color for your tablecloth. If you want to try it at home or hesitate between several shades, we will be happy to send you fabric samples so that you can have a clear visual of the tablecloth of your dreams that will be perfect for your dining room. You can order your free samples HERE.




  • We’ll handle the billing

All you have to do is confirm the size information and pay your bill online using your preferred payment method.

  • Receive your tablecloth!

Once the payment is received, here we are at the long-awaited stage where we make your tablecloth to send it to you within 1 to 10 business days, depending on our current workload. We encourage you to send us photos of your table featuring your custom tablecloth, so we can post it on our social medias!


Psst! Since the most beautiful reception tables are often uplifted with small elegant details, do not hesitate to take a look at our dining collection including placemats, table runners and napkins that will surely elevate all your receptions!


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