How to choose amongst our linen aprons

How to choose amongst our linen aprons

Used by many cultures for millennia, apron is a protective garment that we put over our usual outfits so as not to stain or damage them. Over the ages, we have seen the birth of several types of this very practical linen.

At Confetti Mill, we love handmaking a multitude of unique and awesome aprons to accompany you in all your daily tasks. To help you in your shopping experience, we’ve put together a little guide on how to choose the perfect apron for your needs.

  • Linen Half Apron

Elegant, simple and refined, our half-apron can be used for many purposes; with its high-waisted cut, it is ideal for entertaining your loved ones during a fancy dinner at home. Thanks to its long adjustable ganses, this apron will suit to all types of bodies. Its large front pocket is also perfect for everyday kitchen and garden tasks.

  • Linen Gardener Apron

As the name suggests, our gardener apron is perfect for maintaining your green space. Its hidden hooks can be tied to create a bag for your fruits, vegetables, flowers and fresh herbs harvests inno time at all. To keep your garden linen in good condition for a long time, we’ve included a resealable bag in which you can store your apron!

  • Linen Cross-back Apron

Our most popular model and definitely the design that made me start up confetti mill! Japanese-style inspired, our apron with a cross-back design will follow your movements perfectly without limiting you. It is therefore great for preparing your weekly meals on a Sunday afternoon, or for cook elaborate dishes that can make a mess in the kitchen. Thanks to its unmatched comfort, this apron will quickly become your essential behind the oven. You love the fact that it's not hung by the neck! 

  • Linen Adjustable Apron

This apron is easy to adjust, thanks to its metal slider at the neck, which makes it very convenient for a variety of tasks. It will be useful in the kitchen and garden, but will also be handy if you are breastfeeding your baby, or want to improve your skills behind the bar or as a barista.

  • Linen Pottery apron

Although its open-legged cut is especially suitable for pottery, this apron will prove itself very practical for all types of crafts or manual works. It even includes a sling to hang a towel, in addition to a pouch to insert your favorite tools.

No matter which apron you choose, rest assured that they are all handmade in Montreal with linen, which contributes to a more sustainable agriculture. Indeed, linen production requires few pesticides and fertilizers. This natural and resistant fiber softens the more you wash it, so you can keep your apron for a lifetime. 

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