Furoshiki: 3 ways to wrap gifts, zero waste style

Furoshiki: 3 ways to wrap gifts, zero waste style

For Confetti Mill, it has always been essential to create eco-responsible and sustainable items, in order to respect the environment. As the holidays approach, it is all the more important to keep our ecological awareness, since this is a time of year when there is a lot more waste than usual. That’s why we suggest you to pack your gifts with furoshikis!


Furoshiki is a Japanese millenary fabric folding technique that aims to transport objects, shop and pack gifts without producing any waste! It is therefore THE eco-friendly alternative to do all kinds of tasks, as well as spoiling your loved ones without using paper or plastic.

There are several techniques for folding furoshiki, and we're showing you three of them for wrapping different types of gifts that are usually given during holidays and birthdays!


  • Wrapping a bottle

Place your furoshiki horizontally. Put the bottle upright in the centre of the fabric. Fold the top left corner of your furoshiki on the top of your bottle, and repeat this step with the bottom right corner, folding the excess fabric on the bottle cap. Wrap the remaining two corners around the bottle, and finally tie both sides opposite the label of the bottle. 


  • Wrapping a boxed gift

Place your furoshiki diagonally on a table. Then, place your box in the center of your fabric, so that the four sides of your gift are facing each corner of the furoshiki. Take the bottom corner of your furoshiki, place it on the other side of your box and repeat this step with the top corner. Roll both sides of the left corner to create a kind of tie and repeat this step with the right side. Grab your two ties and knot them together to create a nice bow on the top of your gift. Voila!


  • Wrapping a book

As with the box, place your furoshiki diagonally on a flat surface. Place your book at the bottom of the fabric, so that you can fold the bottom corner opposite the edge of the book. Then, turn the book up once while holding your fabric firmly so that the book does not move in its packaging. Take the top side of the book and tuck the excess fabric under the gift. Take the left and right corners to tie them together on the center of the book. There you go; you are finally ready to give your gift.


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