Out kitchen linens in Souk Habitat à Place Ville Marie

Coups de coeur de SOUK MTL

SoukMTL is still going strong and I wanted to take a minute to talk about it. The SOUK has been happening around the holidays for 17 years now and it's an amazing window on the great design made in Montreal. The organization just announced that they're extending the event until December 30 and I couldn't be more excited. 
For the occasion, I wanted to share with you my favourite pieces form this year's edition:
2.This jacket by atelier b
3. This drink set by Atelier Make
4.This Serving Platter by lookslikewhite
5.This towel rack by Isle Industries
6.This quilt by Le Point Visible
7. This Pomegranate Molasses by Les Filles Fattoush
8. This Violet Collar by Noemiah
9. All chocolates by Qantu
10.This chair by Vaste
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