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Collaborating with Geneviève O'Gleman

She is well known for the 6 seasons of Cuisine futée, parents pressés on Télé-Québec and, more recently, for the show Savourer on Radio-Canada since September 2020. Others know the nutritionist for her many books, each more popular than the other. No matter how we’ve come to know her, once Geneviève O’Gleman is in one’s life, one can’t live without her recipes and practical advice in the kitchen. For this reason, I couldn’t resist the opportunity when I was contacted to collaborate to her online magazine Savourer.

Geneviève O'Gleman dans la cuisine

Geneviève graduated in nutrition and journalism from the University of Montreal. Author of 14 healthy cooking books; TV host, creator and producer. Her path is as impressing as it is varied, and it’s always an inspiring experience to work with someone like her. Her approach in the kitchen, to prove that we can cook simply and gastronomically while also keeping it healthy, is similar to the one I have for design with Confetti mill. We offer simple products that can be used as much for everyday life as for great occasions, all the while respecting the environment like Geneviève respects the health of the people feeding themselves through her recipes.

The collaboration happened very naturally, my textiles and objects dress tables and Geneviève beautiful dishes fill up the plates that live on the table and the rest of the kitchen. This was also an occasion for me to see my products in a different setting than my workshop or my own kitchen, and I would be lying if I told you I wasn’t moved from seeing my products in Geneviève’s kitchen.

On top of being a very talented person, Geneviève knows how to surround herself with extremely talented collaborators. This is the case for Daniel Raiche and Maude Chauvin, both work magic in their respective fields. Daniel is a food stylist and Maude, a photographer. Together, they work closely with Geneviève to make her recipes look as good on screen or in books as they taste good to us.

This is what I often get out of collaboration. I spend a lot of time in the workshop with my colleagues, but seeing my creations and my products on a TV show or on someone like Genevieve’s website warms my heart almost as much as when I receive your messages about the orders you place with Confetti mill.

On a final note, here is one of Geneviève’s recipes I really enjoy: Moules à la portugaise


All photos used in this article are by Maude Chauvin, you can find more of her great work here and there:  instagram  | Facebook | Website

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