Celebrating our 4th anniversary 🥳 - Confetti Mill

Celebrating our 4th anniversary 🥳

For you, it might be just another day but for me, this is a big news to share. Although the idea of confetti mill came to me way before this date, four years ago these days I was preparing my first shipment by boat from Turkey to Montreal and telling myself that 💩 was getting real!

Couple months later, I learned that I was pregnant! What better way to launch a business AND have a baby at the same time, with no childcare benefit (long story, don't ask me why) but as they say; trouble comes double! 🚀 🚀

Since then, so many happened! Want to know? 🍿

in 2018 fall, I launched my first collection at atelier b. Catherine and Anne-Marie, thanks for your continuous support! Then, I started selling in beautiful Montreal stores like Elsdale, atelier bBoutique RéunionBuk&Nola.

In 2019 Fall, I was selected for an exclusive collection by Mitsou. In December, I participated into Souk for the first time as a designer. Better for the purse! 😂

In 2020 January, I started selling on Fabrique 1840 by Simons. In February, I hired my first assistant, hi Nina! In March, thanks to the first confinement, I made my website. No joke, thanks to Daniel Raiche and Dominique Lafond for their huge help. In May, I rented a workshop, it was a BIG MOVE! In Spring, summer, fall, winter and goes on, we made masks! In Fall, I was selected into an exclusive collection signed by Half baked Harvest from the States! In November, La Presse visited my workshop for an interview!

In 2021, we made it to the stores in California, Washington, Toronto, BC, etc... We made collaborations with Demain Demain, Ten&Co, Magali Robidaire. Our team and our collection has been growing ever since.

In 2022, I could finally go back to Turkey after a 4-year break. For the first time with my son and my second baby confetti mill. This journey made me realize once again how confetti mill is important to me and I'm feeling in the right place. Mind and heart are full with new ideas and I'd like to thank you for your continuous support!

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Félicitations Özge ! Longue vie à Confetti Mill et beaucoup de bonheur pour toi et ta petite famille. xx

Danièle Bergeron

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