oven mitts, potholders, tea towel

Announcing a great collaboration with Half Baked Harvest x Etsy!

We’ve been working on a super secret project since July and I couldn’t be more excited to tell you about it. I’ve been biting my lips for months now trying to not say anything ahead of time but today I can finally tell you everything.

If you’re like me, you’ve probably found yourself looking for what to cook on a cold Sunday afternoon, or wondering what dishes to serve for a holiday dinner. And if you’re like me, at some point or another, you probably found yourself browsing Half Baked Harvest to find just the right recipe. This is why I’m really excited to announce a collaboration with Half Baked Harvest’s Tieghan Gerard for a refreshing holiday collection and Etsy made with a throve of other great creators.

Half Bake Harvest’s Tieghan Gerard

Tieghan wanted something that really said Christmas and my normal approach is to create timeless pieces. This was a fun experience to work on finding a middle ground where both our creative minds could meet on new items for you to use in the kitchen.

This is where we came up with the colour scheme for the items and the stitching for the oven mitts and potholders. The inspiration for the stitching comes from traditional Japanese origami and we think it really brings the pieces together in a classic yet festive way.

Oatmeal tea towel   Oven mitt and potholder 

So, it is with no further ado that I present to you the new items, which you’ll be able to get from now through January 1. I hope they will make your holiday season and the ones to come, because these items are made to last, cheerier than they can be!

Read the whole story behind the collection on Etsy's Blog HERE. You can shop our items in the collection on our Etsy shop HERE.

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