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Why you should add a filter to your reusable masks

We’ve all been wearing masks for a while now, long enough to be used to them and not really notice when we have them on. They are mandatory anywhere we go except when we’re eating and it’s all for a really good reason. Ever since the beginning of the pandemic, there has been more and more information coming in about the best practices on how to make masks as efficient as possible.

Where health officials used to say masks should have 2 layers, recent studies have come to show that a third layer can make them even safer for everyone around us. It is suggested to use a third layer to improve effectiveness by 20%. According to Dr Teresa Tam, Chief public health Officer of Canada.

We already knew that adding a filter would improve the effectiveness of masks. This is why we offer cotton or polypropylene filters that you can easily add in the inside pocket of your mask to make them more efficient.

According to Dr Tam, it’s important to use a non-woven fabric to ensure any virus containing particles get trapped in the filter and doesn’t contaminate the wearer or someone around.

As the winter months get closer, this is more and more important since we will be indoors with little ventilation. Little ventilation means higher possible viral concentration in the air in a contaminated area.

So here’s to all of us making sure we’re as safe as possible in these trying times!
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