8 essentials for your maternity hospital bag

8 essentials for your maternity hospital bag

Preparing for your baby's arrival is an exciting journey, and packing your maternity hospital bag with the right essentials can make all the difference. At Confetti Mill, we've curated eight must-have items to ensure your comfort and convenience during this special time. Discover our top picks to help you feel prepared and pampered.
  • Turkish Hand Towel - Bulut

Ultra-soft and absorbent, this bamboo hand towel is perfect for freshening up at the hospital. You’ll see how convenient and essential it is for staying clean and comfortable!



  • Savonnerie des Diligences Soap

A good soap is more than practical to stay fresh, it's a necessity! Gentle and natural, this soap will keep your skin clean and moisturized during your stay. 



  • Baby blanket - Rüya

This cozy Turkish cotton baby blanket provides warmth and comfort for your newborn, which will be indispensable for keeping your baby snug and secure when you get out of the hospital!




    Set of 3 Reusable snack bags

Whether to store snacks for when you're craving sweets or to put small essentials such as pacifier, these eco-friendly, waterproof snack bags will be super practical for organizing your hospital bag and keep it clean and tidy!




    Muslin Robe - Pamuk

You'll be a new mom, so you NEED to stay comfortable and relaxed, and this lightweight muslin robe is incredibly useful and essential for feeling pampered and at ease, even away from the comfort of your home!

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    Linen & Cotton Turkish Towel - Nisan

Made of a superb blend of linen and cotton, this long towel offers softness and durability for everyday use but will shop up especially handy and necessary it is for all your post-delivery needs!




    Linen Scrunchies

Keep your hair away from your face with this stylish and gentle-for-your-hair linen scrunchie that is absolutely perfect for managing your hair during labor and beyond!




    Linen pillowcase

Enjoy a good night's sleep and feel at home even in the delivery room on this breathable and luxurious linen pillowcase. You’ll realize just how crucial and practical it is for getting restful sleep during your hospital stay!


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