6 tips for an eco-friendly spring cleaning

6 tips for an eco-friendly spring cleaning

Spring is gradually settling in, and this very exciting time of year is ideal for a big cleaning at home! It is also a golden opportunity to rethink our cleaning methods so that they are better for the environment! That’s why we suggest 6 tips for an eco-friendly spring cleaning!

  • Ditch disposable towels

Whether scrubbing tenacious stains on surfaces or removing dust in the smallest corners of your home, choose reusable sponges and towels instead of disposable products! To do so, get the Confetti Mill X Ten and Co. sponge cloth that replaces the use of 17 rolls of paper towels, or our linen dishcloths made of natural linen fibres!

Sponge cloth Confetti Mill X Ten and Co.
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  • Purify the air naturally

With temperatures starting to warm up, it’s the perfect (and long-awaited) time to open the windows! You will purify your cozy little nest naturally, and at the same time, why not light up a few beeswax candles? Your home will have a well-deserved spring air!

Beeswax candles
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  • Swap your bottled cleaners for homemade soaps

Regardless of the type (body soap, dish soap, etc.), it may be wise to ditch plastic-packaged cleaning product in order to create a home more in harmony with the environment. If you were looking for eco-friendly soaps, get your hands on Femme Fleurs handmade soaps in Trois-Rivières! Their fresh and mesmerizing smells will amaze you, that's for sure!

Femme Fleurs Soaps
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  • Dry your laundry outside

Save on your electricity bill this spring by hanging your clothes and home linens in the open air! By the way, did you know that linen dries very quickly? This is the perfect opportunity to buy our wide variety of 100% natural linen home goods!

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  • Redecorate the house with recycled items

The annual spring cleaning is also great a time to get rid of old decorations to refresh our environment! To embellish your home, opt for items made of recycled objects, such as our artworks made in collaboration with artist Magali Robidaire! Garlands, hanging art pieces and mobiles made of linen leftovers will certainly enhance your cozy nest in an eco-responsible way.

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  • Change your home goods and choose linen

In addition to being resistant, breathable and antibacterial, linen is a natural fiber that softens over time and is highly durable! That’s why we love this eco-friendly fabric for the kitchen, the bedroom, the living room, clothes, and much more!

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