6 free ways to support your favorite local businesses

6 free ways to support your favorite local businesses

More than ever before, it is important to show our support and to encourage small businesses. In the past few years, it has become increasingly difficult for local companies to stand out and share their expertise, whether because of the pandemic, the current economy, or the constant pressure of social medias...

To celebrate Small Business Saturday, we wanted to thank you for making your purchases locally and encourage you to continue in this direction by suggesting 6 ways you can support small businesses without spending a penny!

  • Talk about them to those around you

It’s amazing how word of mouth can do wonders! How many times have you visited a restaurant or shopped at a small boutique because your mother or best friend referred it to you? Recommending a local business that you cherish can go a long way in helping the company to raise its profile and bring more customers within its reach.

  • Leave a review

Whether on Yelp, Google, Facebook, or directly on the company’s website, giving your opinion on a locally made product or an experience in your city can give a huge boost to the small business. When it comes to shopping, many web users rely on other customers' opinions about a company's product or service; leaving a positive comment on your experience will tremendously help in the very long term! Please be generous when leaving a comment and think twice before becoming a Karen. 😂 Maybe things weren't perfect, but it's always rewarding to give people a second chance! ✨



  • Engaging on social media

In addition to keeping up with the latest news from the companies you love, following your favorite local businesses on social media also contributes to their success without you having to spend a dime! The more followers a company has on its social medias and the more users share, like, comment and save their posts, the more likely it is to become well-known online and to gain notoriety. You see, a simple click can do wonders!

  • Subscribe to their newsletter

This is a super easy way to support your favorite businesses. By subscribing to their newsletter, you can learn more about the products and services offered, the company’s history, and even enjoy exclusive deals and promotions...it’s as good for you as it is for the company! 😉



  • Attend the events

Pop-up shops, Christmas markets, workshop sales...local businesses occasionally organize events during which you can save big, while meeting the talented people who make your favorite home goods. After all, it costs nothing to visit the small businesses in your area, and they will be very happy to see you!

  • Give a shout out on social media

As a small business, it’s always heart-warming to see a notification of a positive share, story or comment popping when opening Facebook or Instagram! When you give a shout out to your favorite businesses online, it creates engagement on their platforms, and it certainly makes them smile!

In short, we can say with confidence that there are a ton of ingenious ways to support small businesses without spending anything. It’s so easy after all!

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P.S.: Want to spoil your friends and family with Confetti Mill products? Give our gift card to your loved ones! In addition to making your friends and family happy, you are encouraging a local business!

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