5 eco-friendly habits to integrate to your every day life

5 eco-friendly habits to integrate to your every day life

April 22nd marks an important day on the calendar: Earth Day! Now more than ever, it is essential to find ingenious ways to do our daily tasks with a conscious care for the environment. That’s why we suggests 5 eco-friendly habits to integrate to your every day life!

  • Opt for natural fibres against synthetic ones

Unlike synthetic fibers, which are made from petrochemicals, natural fibers can be grown or raised without depleting finite resources and require less energy to produce than synthetic fibers, which can result in a lower carbon footprint. Furthermore, natural fibers such as cotton, wool, silk, and linen are biodegradable, which means they can break down naturally and return to the earth without harming the environment!


  • Choose eco-conscious cleaning products

By purchasing eco-friendly cleaning products that are made from natural and non-toxic ingredients that do not pollute waterways, harm wildlife or contribute to air pollution, you are not only protecting your health and saving resources, you also support sustainable companies for a brighter and cleaner future!


  • Use your bike more often

In addition to being a real pleasure to bike at the arrival of spring, this 100% green means of transport doesn't emit pollutants or greenhouse gases, unlike cars and other motor vehicles that contribute to air pollution and climate change. At the same time, you will help reduce traffic on the road, and take a breath of fresh air! 

  • Dry your clothes outside

Drying fabrics in the open air has a lot of advantages: your clothes and home linens will smell good, this drying method helps to eliminate odors and bacteria, can prevent premature wear of your clothes, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and will clearly reduce your electricity bill!


  • Swap single-use plastic products for reusable items

Choosing reusable packaging is an environmentally friendly and sustainable choice that can help reduce waste in your kitchen, conserve much-needed natural resources, reduce greenhouse gas emissions by not consuming plastic, save money and promote a healthier lifestyle for future generations.

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