10 reasons to choose linen goods for your home!

10 reasons to choose linen goods for your home!

It is no secret; at Confetti Mill, we A-DO-RE linen! This fabric that has been used for thousands of years not only brings a touch of timeless elegance to any decor, but this material is full of benefits that have proven their worth throughout the ages.

Integrating linen into your home decor will certainly bring happiness in your life! Here are 10 reasons why we couldn’t live without linen!

1. It is hypoallergenic

Since linen lets the skin breathe, it'll be perfect for anyone with allergies, or people with sensitive skin. Confetti Mill only uses OEKO-TEX certified linen, thus guaranteeing that the fabric has been tested, and contains no toxic products harmful to health or the environment!

2. A 100% eco-responsible fabric

In addition to using the entire flax plant during its creation process, linen requires very little water and pesticides! Furthermore, it is is biodegradable once its life cycle is complete, making this natural fiber is one of the most ecofriendly fabric on the market!


3. Linen is breathable!

Yes, this beloved material is very comfortable to wear, since it breathes and dries very quickly! Aprons, towels and other linens will turn out to be very practical for your kitchen and bathroom!

4. We love it for its sustainability!

When you make the very wise decision to purchase linen items, you will quickly see how sustainable it is! Its resistant fibers soften over time, so you can keep your linens for a lifetime.



5. Linen is antistatic

You read right, this historical material (it was worn in ancient Egypt!) does not leave static, unlike other fabrics, like satin. Linen is therefore the ideal material for all kinds of household tasks.

6. It resists odors!

Since linen is very absorbent, this fabric well-known for keeping moisture does not secrete any unpleasant smell! As a result, you’ll love using linen dishcloths when you cook, as they won’t retain the smell of food.


7. We love linen for its softness!

The more you wash linen, the softer it becomes with time! In addition to having a very pleasant texture, linen is well-suited for people with sensitive skin, and it brings a clean and charming look to any decor!

8. Linen, antibacterial? A big YES!

Linen is a real gem, no matter how you use it. Considered by many as one of the cleanest fabric, linen can even help to get rid of bacteria as well as many other microorganisms!

9. A low maintenance fabric

If you thought linen requires special care, think again! You can easily machine wash it, and have it tumble dry at low temperature, or just by putting it on the clothesline... with such an easy maintenance, what more could you ask for?


10. It adapts to any temperature!

No matter the season, linen will be your best ally! Its ability to regulate temperature will keep you cool on hot summer days, and warm you up during the coldest months. Thus, linen remains very comfortable all year round!

Whether it’s to enhance your decor, pamper your sensitive skin or for any other reason, linen is full of virtues we can never brag enough about, and this fibre we love is a great addition to you home decor!


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