10 perfect gift ideas under 50$ to upgrade any home decor

10 perfect gift ideas under 50$ to upgrade any home decor

Christmas is coming fast and with Holidays frenzy, it can sometimes be difficult to find the time to do all the tasks necessary to make this period magical. If you haven’t yet had time to complete your gift shopping list for your loved ones, we’re here to help: here are 10 Confetti Mill gift ideas for less than $50!

  • Linen pillowcase

If you want to improve the quality of your sleep, get yourself a linen pillowcase; its natural fiber will keep you warm in winter and cool during summer, which is ideal for sleeping like a baby all year round! Available in 8 colors.

$47 - Shop here

  • Linen tea towel - Blue

Handmade in Montreal, this linen tea towel is hypoallergenic and antibacterial, which makes it perfect for everyday culinary tasks.

$28 - Shop here

  • Linen striped placemat

Brighten up your dining room with this neutral and rich striped placemat. Made entirely of linen in Montreal, it is the ideal eco-friendly addition to receive your loved ones with ease.

$25 - Shop here

  • Set of 2 Taper Candles

These 13 inches candles are naturally scented by honey and flower nectar in the honeycombs. Made of beeswax, they are ideal to enhance any room with a comforting smell.

$12 - Shop here

  • Lavender pockets

Made entirely out of our fabric scraps, these lavender bags made in collaboration with Magali Robidaire will certainly keep your clothes fresh if you place these small fragrant bags in your drawers.

$10 - Shop here

  • Large Azuma Bag - Dusty Pink

This Japanese-inspired bag can be used in many ways; bring it to work as a lunch box, store the goodies you got at the market, or store your produce in it for extra storage in your refrigerator.

$31 - Shop here

  • Set of 2 linen napkins

Available in 12 rich colors, these linen napkins will perfectly uplift the decoration you have chosen for your dining room. In addition, it is the perfect ecofriendly alternative for a zero waste kitchen.

$32 - Shop here

  • Turkish waffled hand towel - Mustard

In Turkey, this hand towel called peshkir is known for its softness and fluffy touch. It is especially suited for the bathroom, since this peshkir is very absorbent and dries quickly!

$28 - Shop here

  • Oven Mitt - Terracotta

This Confetti Mill Oven Mitt will be useful for a long time, thanks to its ultra-resistant linen fibres. In fact, the more you use it, the softer it will become.

$47 - Shop here
  • Birthday hat

Whether it’s to spoil your little ones or to make their celebrations eco-friendly, these festive hats made from fabric scraps are perfect to brighten up your next parties!

$25 - Shop here 

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