11 adorable gift ideas for Valentine’s Day

11 adorable gift ideas for Valentine’s Day

February can be very dry and cold if we talk about temperature, but with Valentine’s Day, our heart is more likely to feel warm, full of love and kisses! To spoil your favorite person on February 14th, here are 11 absolutely adorable gift ideas for Valentine’s Day!


  • Leyla Linen & Cotton Robe - Pink

This lightweight, comfortable cotton robe is the perfect relaxing loungewear for your partner to take a day off at home… or a selfcare afternoon at the spa!

149$ - Shop here


  • Linen Cushion Cover

Why not offer an aesthetic and comfortable addition to your darling’s living room or bedroom this year? This is the perfect gift to bring a touch of elegance to any home!

69$ - Shop here


  • Half Linen Apron - Terracotta

Whether to cook a hearty Valentine’s Day meal or to prepare Pillsbury cookies at the end of the evening, this half apron that reminds us the color of love is the perfect gift for your foodie lover!

75$ - Shop here


  • Large Candle

To show the chosen one that the flame of your love is always lit, there's nothing better than offering them a large candle in beeswax that will burn for a long time!

42$ - Shop here


  • Rüya Throw - Dusty Pink

Soft, warm and fluffy, it is ideal for getting closer under the covers while you listen to a rom-com on February 14th!

97$ - Shop here


  • Tablecloth - Terracotta

If you want to spoil the person of your dreams with a lifetime gift, get your hands on our 100% linen tablecloth!

115$ - Shop here


  • Rüya Cotton Robe

Your partner will literally fall in love with this warm and cozy robe 100% made of OEKO-TEX Turkish cotton!

145$ - Shop here


  • Linen Gardener Apron - Dusty Pink

Even if spring still seems far ahead of us, this gardener apron will certainly please your partner who has the green thumb!

135$ - Shop here


  • Waffled Turkish Towel - Burgundy

Planning on spending Valentine’s Day lounging in the bath? This waffle towel is perfectly convenient to get out of the tub, warm and cozy.

66$ - Shop here


  • Oven Mitt - Terracotta

The super resistant fibers of this oven mitt have made its reputation! If your lover appreciates small thoughts that persist through time, this is THE gift to offer this year!

47$ - Shop here


  • Large Azuma Bag - Dusty Pink

To pack your Valentine’s Day gift, this bag made entirely of high quality linen will be the extra little touch that will melt your darling’s heart.

31$ - Shop here

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