Points de vente

In Turkish we have a saying, 'Colours and tastes are not to be argued about.', we all have different tastes and so are my stockists! So, please, before you hit the road in search of your favourite confetti, I suggest you getting in touch with the retailer to verify their stock. 

Exclusive Online

Brick & Mortar & Online

  • atelier b Mtl, Montreal
  • Buk & Nola
  • Boutique Réunion, Verdun
  • Cantin Traditions, Montreal
  • Chez Georges & Émile
  • Inédit du nord
  • La Fée Raille & Énamour
  • La Boutique par Fanny
  • Le Elsdale
  • Les Minettes
  • Les Trappeuses
  • Louvgang