Our Story

Born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey, Özge has worked in production and promotion of visual arts for several years. She always had a weakness for handmade objects and crafts. She remembers, when she was small, travelling with her family to different regions of Turkey and her parents buying handmade items from the local craftspeople of that region; handmade dolls, stone bibelots, marble sculptures, wooden accessories, handmade porcelains, killms, rugs and you name it! 

After having met with Colin in 2007 during his trip in Europe, she has moved to Québec in 2010. In the first years in her new home, having more free time than ever, Özge has started improving her sewing skills, by creating small projects, which eventually led to sewing her own wedding dress!

As they travelled back ’n forth to Turkey for family visits and vacation, they were travelling in not-so-touristic places and meeting local people and falling in love with authentic foods and crafts. Özge rediscovered handcrafts traditions of her own country through the eyes of Colin, as he was admiring these objects that he couldn’t find in Canada. They were first buying these objects for their own use. By time and usage, they realized the quality behind which led them to be even more critical in their selection. This is why our kitchen accessories are in linen, a natural fibre, strong and heat resistant, getting just softer and better in time!  The cultivation of flax contributes to sustainable agriculture as it requires little fertilizer and pesticides.

That’s how all started, with a simple luggage, with Özge bringing goods in small batches to offer to friends and family. Slowly, the demand was increasing and she realized that the craftspeople and manufacturers, unfortunately, don’t have the time to promote their works as they are too busy with production, or simply because they do not know the value of their own creations! For her, it is a way to support the local economy of her own country, keeping alive the traditional craftsmanship that at some regions in peril, due to modernisation and mass consumption. 

Now, you can find our creations in more than a dozen stores across Canada.

Atelier Confetti Mill is a proposition for how we live and what we consume. Festive but pure, the brand underlines the beauty of handmade objects, the importance of supporting local economy and the power of slow-design.