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tied close azuma bag
Small lavender linen azuma bag
3 different linen Azuma bags
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Small lavender linen azuma bag
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Small Linen Azuma Bag - Lavender

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Linen bag handmade in Montreal, inspired by the Japanese Azuma Bukuro bags. They can be used for numerous purposes, from gift wrapping to lunch bag. Carry it with you as a produce bag, or to store veggies and fruits in the fridge. By tying the ends, it offers a handle to carry easily around. Confetti Mill Azuma bags are also an original and zero-waste alternative for gift wrapping, 

Linen is a textile made of natural flax fibres. It is an eco-friendly natural fibre; its cultivation doesn't require pesticides and every part of the plant is used during the transformation. At the end of its cycle linen is biodegradable and recyclable thus contributing into sustainable agriculture.

The fibres of linen are very strong so it will last a very long time and the more you use it, the softer it gets. It is more absorbant than any other textiles, also making it quicker to dry. 

Linen is also antibacterial and hypoallergenic, and recommended for people with sensitive skin. All these properties making the linen the best option for kitchen textiles. 

Size : 35cm(H)x30cm(L)x9cm(Gusset) | 12x14x3.5"

Care : machine wash up to 40°C, tumble dry at low temperature